Part 17-A


Hidden Meanings Continued…
The Norinko Hanasaki Investigation
By Martin Reaves




I contacted Anthony Servante about my suspicions regarding the poetry analysis in Part 16. This happened early Saturday, and I have to be honest: after laying out my misgivings for Anthony, I froze up. Saying those things out loud made them real—and I’m not sure I can handle that much reality. Obviously I changed my mind and here I am. Sorry for the delay, but the more you read, the more you may begin to understand my reluctance to continue. Anthony is handling the search for Norinko’s journal with Part 17-B at Servante of Darkness. Everything in me wants to simply tell you to go to his blog, stay there. He started this, and maybe he should finish…

Screw it. We’re here, right? And once you read 17-A below, you really should read 17-B.

Now, before I hem and haw my way out of posting this, I should tell you what I deciphered. Or maybe I’m still guessing. I don’t know, but I can’t deny what seems to be reaching up off the page.

The poems follow a pattern.

Here’s how I see it:

There are three segments to the poetry. Even though the individual poems don’t show this triad, the groupings echo the same pattern, like Morse Code signaling an SOS. On the one hand, they’re a cry for help; on a much more sinister hand, they appear to be some kind of instructions.

I will explain this at length to Anthony later, assuming our brief chat yesterday wasn’t sufficiently disturbing. I just need to get this shit out of my head and onto the page.

The first segment of the poetry describes an entrance, the second a location, and the third an exit. The three parts are certainly vague but not so much that they’re not obvious. It’s the repetition of the three that provides the pattern. When grouped together, the first and last segments read “exit entrance location.”

The exit and entrance are the same location. The tunnel.

The McClure Tunnel. The Santa-Frickin-Monica Freeway tunnel. I wish I’d never heard of that cursed LaLa Land hole in the earth. I’m serious.

But that’s the location. What’s missing is the “how.” The “where” doesn’t help without the “how.”

I’ll let Anthony pick it up from there. He’s already working on finding the journal of Norinko. I want to say I’m done, but I’ve committed to help with the investigation, and I’ll admit I still want to help those involved. Norinko’s friends and family—they deserve answers.

I’ll chalk this up to a cautionary tell as to what I offer in the future.



  1. artistpath says:

    Ohhh, this so good!


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