P is for Pedophobia ~ #atozchallenge

Posted: April 19, 2016 in A-Z Blog Challenge 2016
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A to Z Challenge.

Wherein we track phobias,

with pleasant Haiku.


~ April 19th ~

Pedophobia – Fear of children.

Grubby hands grasping.

Boundless energy, mocking.

“Wake up, Dad…feed me.”


P-fear of children gif



For more from this author, visit Martin’s website by clicking HERE.

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  1. Out blog hopping during the #Challenge from North Carolina. Looking for fellow writers and how they present their posts and theme. LOVE that yours is easy to read and navigate. Book Jackets must pass my first test if I pick a book up or not. Your first three books on the left panel pass the test. I would then read the blurb, find some buzz words that call to me, look at the opening few paragraphs. Author of two novels, I appreciate the work it has taken on your part to be so prolific. But then….what would we do if we couldn’t read or write! If you have time or interest in hotels and inns, thais has been my theme this year. Normally, a lot about book/author/reviews and other things I feel passionate about. Come and join me if you can.

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