K is for Koinoniphobia ~ #atozchallenge

Posted: April 13, 2016 in A-Z Blog Challenge 2016
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A to Z Challenge.

Wherein we track phobias,

with pleasant Haiku.


~ April 13th ~ 

Koinoniphobia – Fear of rooms.

Egress limited.

Walls and ceiling slowly creep,

toward me…crushing.


K-Fear of Rooms



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  1. Def depends on the room. Anything with a ratty mattress on the floor – check NO.

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  2. randommusings29 says:

    So few words, but so much meaning. This must be a very limiting fear to have

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  3. Robin Rivera says:

    This was great. It really made be feel uneasy. I’ve never heard of Koinoniphobia before, but sounds like a devastating fear to have. I don’t know how people can do poems for A to Z, it must be so hard to write letters on demand.
    Robin from Write On Sisters

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  4. I’ve always been fascinated with haikus. I wish I could write poetry. It’s such a beautiful and talented vision of words. The brevity and 5/7/5 syllabus requirement makes it that much more difficult and that much more expressive. I enjoyed this one and the photo added power to the emotion. I’ve never read a haiku about a phobia. Yours is gripping. I just dropped by from the challenge to say hello.

    Melissa Sugar

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    • mott342 says:

      Thank you for stopping in, and for your comments. It is tricky at times, and other times it’s just…there. This A-Z challenge was my first try at Haiku. I’m enjoying it. 🙂


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