A Gentle Narcissism

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Random Awesomeness, Uncategorized
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I hope you will indulge me while I engage in a bit of harmless narcissism.

It recently came to my attention that I used to sing for folks. Like on stage and everything.

As a lark, I posted a very poor quality video of me singing a Guns-n-Roses tune and received some very nice words. You will likely not be surprised to hear that this pleased me.

What did surprise me was that these kind folks did not seem to know that I actually do this (or used to) semi-professionally. I began to wonder how many others of you out there are similarly out of the know.

So then. Here are a few moments from the recent past you might find fun. Or you may find them annoying, in which case you are invited to keep your big yap shut, um-kay?

I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with Foxtrot Mary, and the Fabulous Dana Moret of Mr. December. Good times indeed. All these fine folks are still out there, gettin’ funky and making the world a better place through music. Click their highlighted names and find them wherever they are playing next.

From large venues to tiny rooms with nothing but crickets to hear us, these were moments I will never forget. Enjoy.

  1. You are amazingly talented. These are great memories of great times, and yet so much more still on the horizon. Life is awesome!

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  2. Mandie says:

    Woohoo! Love these! Also, you just recently realized you used to sing? I knew you were a little off, but umm… šŸ˜‰

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  3. Laurie Davis says:

    So many good memories! Remember when you, Char, Mark and Patty sang “Bring Me to Life” in church! Remember all the years singing with the choir, remember the plays you wrote, the poems, fun in the green room, love you guys so much! Remember how we would practice long hours together and everyone poured their hearts into it. Remember making a huge circle and praying sincere heartfelt prayers! Remember the sweet season for many years at Sonrise church. We were a big family! Foxtrot Mary is the bomb! Miss hearing you sing live, but I’m glad to see you focusing on your writing…with great success! Best wishes and love to the Reeves clan! šŸ™‚

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  4. mott342 says:

    Laurie, so many amazing memories. We were living some kind of amazing dream there for a while. Very good times. šŸ™‚


  5. vampireparkingonly says:

    Awww you guys are so sweet!

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  6. vampireparkingonly says:

    You are so talented…..

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  7. vampireparkingonly says:

    No I am not. I’m mean and nasty LOL

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  8. vampireparkingonly says:

    Do Aerosmith!!!!!

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