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2014 happened. It’s in the can, as the movie folk are wont to say.

The fat lady has shrieked, at times a delightful aria, other times more than a little off-key.


So what was all the bellowing about?

My dad passed on January 14th, just two days after I completed my first (and possibly only) Marathon. Those two events got the year started with a bang and a sigh.

Other things happened in 2014, including the sale of a short story entitled “Reaping a Quiet Lunacy.” Many of the things were memorable (including making the Solstice List 2014: Best Horror Books Not to be Missed in two categories), many more were not. Hard to top those opening two weeks, right?

But we speak of vaporous things when we speak of the year that was. The vapor dissipates and we move on—we really have no choice in the matter. For good or ill we turn our gaze forward.

And what do I see in the oft murky glass of my crystal ball?

I see a good year. A year I have dubbed The Year of No Worries. Here are a few other things I see in more or less chronological order:

1. A four-day trip to Disneyland. Well, duh, who didn’t see that coming? This one will be just Charla and me, which is my most favoritest way to do the Magic Kingdom (I love you, Erin and Mandie, but you’ll just have to deal with this truth).

2. A seven-day trip to Maui to celebrate thirty years of marriage to my sweetie-pie, snookums. I am, as might be expected, in a high state of anticipation. I fear for my ability to get back on the plane at the end of the seven days. If I fail to return to the contiguous forty-eight the rest of this list may well be moot.

3. I have been enlisted to officiate at the wedding of two good friends. I am working on my stand-up routine. They will rue the day.

And on the writing front…

4. “Scribblers on Celluloid” (a part of this very blog upon which your eyes have landed) will continue, although nowhere near as often as my far too ambitious once-a-week promise.

5. My novel Relative Karma will be available in audio format.

6. My novel Relative Sanity will available in audio, although this is subject to available funds.

7. There are not one but two projects in the works with a writer friend/hero of mine: one a pseudo collaboration, the other a double bill, in which we each offer a novella and the editor crams them into one book. I won’t name names because I am not clear on whether we are talking about this yet or not.

8. By hook or crook, my latest novel A Fractured Conjuring will hit the cyber stands.

These are all things I am fairly certain about.

A few other just-a-tad-bit-less-sure projects include work on a sequel to A Fractured Conjuring, a second book of short fiction, Dark Thoughts II, and a third (hopefully more lighthearted) installment in the Relative series in time for the holidays, Relative Yuletide.

But enough about me…what are y’all up to?