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Ruminating on RSS Feeds

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Random Rumis

Pardon me whilst I ruminate.

Another blog, another day, another provocation.  Today’s rumi (short for rumination, not related in any way to the poet Rumi, although that dude rocks…seriously), is on RSS Feeds.  I hate them, I do.  Trying desperately to find the Feed for the blog you hold in your hands…errr, eyes.  Googled, YouTubed, and cried to the heavens for help.  “Here’s how it’s done,” these sources said. “Simply do thus and such, this and that, and maybe add this “/” and that “?” and another–”  STOP!

None of it worked.  “PAGE NOT FOUND”  These are not the droids you’re looking for. (By the by, does it bother anyone else that Lucas didn’t think to rewrite that line of dialogue as: “These are not the droids for whom you are looking.”?)  Anyhoo, I am looking at my page, even typing thereupon, and the handy-dandy RSS Feed extensions keep telling me the page cannot be found.

Then I had a thought…maybe the page cannot be found because there is actually nothing to find.  Perhaps I should post something, this being a new blog and all.  So I did.

Put that in your RSS and Feed it.